2018, The Tiny Roaster



                                                       The Tiny Roaster was founded in 2013 by partners and coffee addicts Tiffany and Alex.

                                                       Having been roasting coffees at home for the past few years, their passion for roasting

                                                       coffees grew exponentially when they discovered some specialty gems from Guatemala

                                                       and Costa Rica. These were only entry level specialty grade coffees, but tasted spectacular. 

                                                       They roasted on their little Quest M3 sample roaster, and brewed on their beloved Kalita 102,                                                              marveling at the deep floral aroma and juicy notes of sweet fruits. It was this discovery that                                                                  sparked their search for more unique and better tasting coffees. The more they roasted and                                                                brewed, the more in love they were with specialty filters, and this led them to seek out sources                                                          for higher grade specialty coffees.

                                                      However, they faced a problem – it was practically impossible to find great

                                                      specialty coffees in small quantities. A minimum purchase was 1 burlap bag of

                                                      each origin or type of coffee, which was an average of 70kg per bag.

                                                      Furthermore, there was a very limited selection of coffees available

                                                      for purchase in Singapore or even around Asia. Recognizing this lack of

                                                      readily available specialty greens for home roasters, Tiffany and Alex set out

                                                      to look for great specialty coffees to bring in and share with home roasters,

                                                      packaging greens into smaller quantities for fellow home roasters.













In 2015, The Tiny Roaster moved to their new home at Sunset Way, where they continued to source, roast, and brew great specialty coffees. Shortly after, The Tiny Roaster introduced an espresso blend Fairy Lights, as an option for their espresso loving customers. They also added an espresso bar to their filter bar setup.

In 2017, The Tiny Roaster decided to put their focus solely on building and increasing the home roasting and home brewing community in Singapore,which has been growing rapidly. At the end of 2017, they moved out of their Sunset Way premises, and are now operating as a roastery and coffee academy. They continue to focus on sourcing and roasting great specialty coffees while working with their coffee partners to serve better coffees to the coffee lovers in Singapore. Every now and then, The Tiny Roaster crew will pop up for a coffee bar takeover at partner cafes.

The Tiny Roaster also offers their roasted coffees, unroasted coffees, and other equipment and merchandise available for purchase at www.thetinyroaster.com and at partner cafes. 

The demand for greens increased, and to cater  to the needs of home roasters, Tiffany and Alex opened a tiny hole in the wall coffee studio and brew bar at Clementi West Street 1, under the HDB residential block, where customers could try out a coffee before purchasing them in their roasted and unroasted forms. Customers could also sign up for coffee sessions to learn more about home roasting and brewing.

Within 6 months, word had spread about this tiny little coffee that was focused on growing the home roasting and home brewing community in Singapore, and The Tiny Roaster needed a bigger home.

 The Tiny Roaster
 barista family
 final Days @ West St 1
The Tiny Roaster
barista family
final Days @Sunset Way