2018, The Tiny Roaster

Use the included Aeropress paper filters for a cleaner, more pronounced cup, or the Able Disk Stainless steel reusable filter for a fuller, more bodied cup.

Aeropress (Shot Style)

Coffee                   21 grams (Freshly Ground)

Water                     75 grams/ml 

Brewing Time      1 min 20 seconds

Roast                     Between 10 days to 30 days

With the Aeropress, the tricky part is in getting the correct grind size to make a good 'aeropresso' shot. If the grind size is too coarse, you end up under extracting the coffee. If the grind is too fine, you won't be able to push the plunger down into the holder.

This is a guideline to how we make our famed TTR white brew shots. 

The pressure has to be enough such that you are placing your body weight in the plunge down. it should be a sufficient workout and it should not be easy, even if you're an iron pumping fanatic. You should be able to plunge it all the way down within 20 seconds. If you are unable to plunge it even 5cm down, it is definitely way too fine, and you will have to adjust your grind to a coarse setting. 

We will use non-inverted method (conventional) for this brewing style. 

Place a paper filter in your filter cap and fix it onto the dripper. 

Place the apparatus on a sturdy mug/cup.

Fine grind your coffee beans and pour it into the dripper using the funnel.

Start the timer and Pour in 75g of hot water (82C) 

0-10secs : Pour 

10- 20 secs: Bloom

20-30secs: Stir well, Gently

30 - 50 secs: Patiently wait

50 secs: Insert plunger with a gentle circular motion and start to plunge

55 s- 1.15 min : Plunge with consistent pressure. 

You should yield a shot of approximately 50-60g of concentrate.

Add about 120-150g of milk or water (hot/cold), to taste. The amount of milk/water to add depends on the roast level, and type of coffee used. 

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