2018, The Tiny Roaster

Pair the 3 cup Chemex with the half moon filters, and the 6 & 8 cup models with the unfolded squares.
Chemex (Pourover a.k.a Drip a.k.a Filter)

Coffee                    12 grams (Freshly Ground)

Water                     150 grams/ml 

Brewing Time      3mins 10secs  +/- 10secs

Roast                     Between 5 to 14 days from the roast date

Adopting a continuous pour method (as opposed to a pulse pouring method for the Hario & Kalita recipes), we have increased the coffee : water ratio.

Firstly, fold the filters correctly, following the instructions on your Chemex box, opening them into a cone and placing them into the dripper. 

Pre-wet the filter with hot water and discard this water by pouring from the spout. (Optional but recommended)

Pour in Ground Coffee.

Start the timer and pour in 50grams of water, spiralling from the centre of the coffee bed to the circumference and back again, as gently as possible. Allow the coffee to bloom. 

At 30secs, very gently, pour in the remaining 100grams of water for another 1 min.

Give the mixture a gentle stir for about 10 seconds, remove stirrer and let the coffee drip.

When the dripping has finished, remove and discard filter. Give the coffee a swirl in the Chemex before serving.

If you have achieved the correct grind setting, your coffee should finish dripping at about 3mins and 10secs thereabouts.

If not, make adjustments to your grind size.

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