2018, The Tiny Roaster

Clever Dripper

Coffee                    16 grams (Freshly Ground)

Water                     250 grams/ml 

Brewing Time        4 minutes

Roast                    14 to 30 days from the roast date

Every brewer needs this Clever Dripper. The Clever Dripper makes all those older coffees taste like a gem of a cuppa. 

To be used with coffees 14 days onwards, it works great even for much older coffees up to 60 days old (if coffees have been stored well).  

An extremely simple method of making fuss free, great tasting coffee, this is somewhat like a french press, but with the use of a filter paper to filter out the coffee oils for a cleaner, clearer cup.


1. Place the dripper on a flat surface

2. Fold along the lines on the bottom and side of the Melitta filter paper. (You can use other similar shaped filter papers, although the taste will change with each different type of filter paper used)

3. Place the Melitta filter paper in the dripper.

4. Grind your coffee and place it in the filter paper in the dripper.

5. Start the timer and pour 50g of hot water (84 to 92C) and let it bloom for 30 seconds.

6. At the 30sec mark, pour in the remaining hot water slowly, spiralling in and out to ensure all the grounds are soaked; finish the pour within 1.30 min.

7. Gently stir the coffee grounds.

8. Your total brewing time should be 4 minutes. X.xx min, place your dripper on top of a cup and allow the coffee to drip into the cup.

9. To determine X.xx min, work backwards, knowing that your total brewing time is 4 minutes. Total brewing time finishes at the point where all the coffee in the dripper has finished dripping. 

Learn how to make your adjustments to Grind Size and Water Temperature here.