2018, The Tiny Roaster


Let us come to you! Whether you need a help troubleshooting your coffees, or just want to get started on coffees, or just plan a fun time with a bunch of friends.

Learn how to Brew at HOME

Select from 2 popular brewing methods:

  • Kalita Wave

  • Hario V60

  • Clever Dripper

  • Aeropress


  1. Coffee Basics

  2. Hands on manual brewing

  3. Grinding

  4. Troubleshooting & Adjusting your brews

Price: $180 (Weekday, Non Pulbic Holiday), $240 (Weekend, Public Holiday), minimum 2 hours.

Duration: 2 hours

Price is for a max of 6 participants, no minimum. Recommended: 4 pax.

Customer Provides Venue, Water, Electricity, and Sink for washing. 

TTR provides all other equipment and material.

Got a new espresso machine and don't quite know how to get started?

Let us help you get started, and you will be pulling shots and making those fancy cafe beverages in no time!


  1. Espresso Basics

  2. Grinding Calibration, Tamping, Distribution

  3. Pulling Espresso Shots

  4. Frothing Milk

  5. Simple Latte Art

  6. Making Cappuccinos, Lattes.

Price: $120/hour (Weekday, Non Public Holiday), $150/hour (Weekend/Public Holiday)

minimum 2 hours, $30 for every additional half hour by request of customer only.

Price is for a maximum of 4 participants, recommended: 2 pax.

Customer provides all equipment (Espresso machine, grinder, milk, water ..etc)

TTR provides espresso coffee for training use only.

Coffee Troubleshooting & Cafe Consultancy

Need help troubleshooting your coffees? Let us help you with your brew set up, your roasting technique, or just simply getting your coffees tasting better.


from just $35/hour. 

Learn to Roast Coffees at Home
Find out just how simple it is to get started roasting at home! We'll bring our tiny roaster to your home/office and get you roasting in no time at all!
Roasting Basics - from Shrub to Green to Roasted Bean
Hands on Roasting : Roasting Light, Roasting Dark, Roasting for Filter, Roasting for Espresso
Creating a Roasting Profile
Creating your own Blends
Price: $90/hour (Weekday, Non public Holiday), $110/hour (Weekend/Public Holiday), minimum 3 hours. 
Price is for a maximum of 6 pax, recommended: 4 pax.
Customer provides Venue, 1 power point.
TTR provides coffee and all other material.

Mobile Coffee Cart & Events

Let us serve your crowd with our espressos and specialty brews at your event!
Contact us at orders@thetinyroaster.com to find out how we can be of service!
Pourover Bar  .  Espresso Bar  .   Coffee Roasting Demonstration
Whatever your requirement is, let us help you! Contact us at orders@thetinyroaster.com to find out more about our services!