2018, The Tiny Roaster

Now you can have even more fun and


Have you ever wondered how blends are created and how you can create a blend that you truly enjoy? Or maybe you'd just like a change every now and then, and a different cuppa as the day goes by. 

Let us show you simply, how you can create your own blend!

For this project, our roasters have redesigned and profile a few selected coffees for this season, roasting these coffees to be more versatile for this blend creation. These coffees will be roasted from medium to medium-dark, to reflect a taste profile that blends easily with the other coffees in the series.

Current Selection (Subject to Stock Availability)

  1. El Salvador Buenos Aires, Natural  (Filter & Espresso, Medium-Dark) - Red Apples, Cherries, Red Wine

  2. Peru La Naranja Saul Olivera, Washed (Filter & Espresso, Medium-Dark) - Baked Apples, Cinnamon, Thyme

  3. Guatemala Huehuetenango Adiesto AD-69, Washed (Espresso, Dark) - Cacao, Honey, Almonds, Pecan

  4. Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere, Natural (Espresso, Medium-Dark) -  Strawberry Juice, White Grapes, Guava, Honey

How to Create Your Own Blend?

  • Simply go to our online bean store and select 2 or more of these coffees in sizes (150g,250g,500g,1KG), and checkout.

  • Your coffees will then be roasted and dispatched to you within 5 working days of order placement, within 1-2 days of roasting. Note that these coffees are still relatively fresh when you receive them, so do wait till at least 6 days to start tasting them on Filter, and 9 days on Espresso.

  • You can taste them individually before creating a blend just to get an idea of how they are on their own.

  • To create a blend, simply mix different proportions of each coffee (whole beans) together, stir and mix well, grind, and brew.

  • For example... if you need 100g of coffee beans for your blend, you would eg. take 50g of Coffee A whole beans, and mix with 50g of Coffee B whole beans. Stir/Shake/Mix well, and there's your first blend!

  • The idea is to mix and match coffees of different taste profiles and processes , to get different types of overall flavour profiles and textures in your blend. You can start by mixing 50% of A, and 50% of B, and adjust the proportions to taste, or you can do something like 25% of A, 45% of B, and 30% of C. The combinations are endless!

Let the fun begin!

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Learn more about BLENDS..

What is a Blend?

A blend is any mixture of at least 2 types of coffees. It could be a blend of different coffees from the same origin in different processing methods, or it could be a blend of different coffees from different estates/origins/farmers..etc or it could even be a blend of the same coffee roasted differently. 

What is a Single Origin?

A single origin, as its name suggests, is a crop or lot of coffee that comes from a single place/farm/estate/farmer/region/cooperative. 


Why create a Blend?

A blend is usually created as a form of Identity for that particular roastery. A house blend is usually rather consistent with its flavour profile and that unique flavour profie is what their customers enjoy and return for. A blend’s coffee components may change with each season based on the season’s harvest, but usually, the blend’s profile would be similar as that is what customers associate this particular blend with. Blends can also be created for special occasions, for eg. Christmas, Valentine's Day, ...etc Taste profiles would be created specially for these occasions to reflect this particular holiday's association. For example, taste notes popular with Christmas blends may include gingerbread, caramel, cinnamon, cranberries, nuts, cocoa, pumpkin..etc tastes that are familiarly associated with this season.

Blends can also be created for well, FUN! To add a little variance to a cafe's daily offering, a cafe may choose to serve up a deeper, darker blend, alongside a fruitier blend. 

Why serve Single Origins?

A single origin allows us to enjoy a taste profile that the producer of that particular lot of coffee has created by the way he farms, harvests and processes his coffee. Specialty Single Origins are coffees that cup at and above 80 (out of 100), and the cup quality of that lot is determined by certified Q graders. Tasting single origins also help us appreciate how the processing method, and varietal as well as region lead to different taste characteristics as well as flavour profiles. 

Exclusive : Get 15% off your 2nd coffee in the Create Your Own Blend Series with promo code: CYOB2018Q3