2018, The Tiny Roaster

Pair your V60 filter with the correct filter paper.

use a 01 paper with a 01 dripper, a 02 paper with a 02 dripper...etc.

Fold the paper along the dotted line before opening to a cone shape and inserting into the dripper.

Hario V60 (Pourover/Drip/Filter/Brew)

Coffee                    8.5 grams (Freshly Ground)

Water                     150 grams/ml 

Brewing Time      2mins 20seconds

Roast                     Between 5 to 14 days from the roast date

Pre-wet the filter paper with hot water and discard this water from the serving vessel. (Optional)

Pour in ground coffee, start the timer, and start the pour, pouring 50g of water each time, in a spiral motion from the centre of the coffee to the circumference, and back again to the centre. 


1st Pour at 0.00 min (blooming stage)

2nd Pour at 0.30 min

3rd Pour at 1.00 min

if you have gotten the correct grind size, the coffee should stop finish dripping by 2.20min thereabouts. 

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