2018, The Tiny Roaster

Do note that there are 2 sizes, the 155 for a single cup, and 185, a 2 cup model. Pair with

the corresponding filter paper for the optimal shape and extraction. 

Kalita Wave 155    (Pourover a.k.a Drip a.k.a Filter)

Coffee                    14 grams (Freshly Ground)

Water                     250 grams/ml 

Brewing Time      3min 30secs +/- 10 secs

Roast                     Between 5 to 14 days from the roast date

​Ensure that the 'waves' of the filter are not crumpled. Peel off the outer most filter slowly to remove from the other packed filters.


Pour in ground coffee, start the timer, and start the pour, pouring 50g of water each time, in a spiral motion from the centre of the coffee to the circumference, and back again to the centre. 


1st Pour at 0.00 min (blooming stage)

2nd Pour at 0.30 min

3rd Pour at 1.00 min

4th Pour at 1.30 min

5th Pour at 2.00 min

if you have gotten the correct grind size, the coffee should stop finish dripping between 3.20min to 3.40 min thereabouts. 

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