FAQ about GRINDING: An Important Read if you buy our Roasted Coffees

  1.  Why don’t you offer grinding services/grinding options of your online beans?

Our online beans, especially Roast-to-Order coffees are all dispatched within 3-5 working days, and usually within 3 days of roasting. This is the period where the coffees are still ‘too fresh to be brewed’. Coffees start to brew well after at least 3 days, and usually peak from the 5th day after the roast date(depending on the method of brewing). Eg. A Pourover method may peak with coffees at 5-16 days, while a Clever Dripper infusion method may peak with coffees at 4 to 8 weeks (provided the bag has been unopened).


How does this relate to grind size? Well, the grind size is the crucial contributing factor to how well the coffee brews and tastes, and is what the barista spends his day calibrating. Optimal Grind Size varies from cup to cup, day to day, method to method. While an indication of which method you use may give the barista an idea of which grind size to use, it will rarely give you the optimal grind size. If the grind size is too coarse, your coffee will be underextracted (thin, sour, lacking in flavour); if the grind size is too fine, your coffee will be overextracted (bitter, overpowering). The most important reason, though, is that whole beans, once ground, is vulnerable to oxidization due to the increased amount of surface exposure, which causes the ground coffees to lose flavour and freshness substantially from 20 secs. As such, for a decent cup of brew, you should always grind your coffees immediately before brewing. Even a $50 shopping mall bought blade grinder will make all the difference!

While our coffees are being dispatched to you, they are still undergoing the degassing to flavour-locking period. Any grinding that happens before that period will result in a much less flavourful coffee. Any coffee that ships to you ground, is bound to be not as fresh. As we promise to only dispatch fresh coffees, we can only dispatch whole coffee beans to you.


  1. What grind size should I use to brew with?

Every method (Hario, Kalita, Siphon, Aeropress, Moka Pot, Espresso..etc) will require a different grind size. Grind size also varies from day to day. The best way would be to check the manufacturer’s website for instructions and using a fixed parameter eg. total brew/extraction time, and taste, make your adjustments accordingly. Once you have obtained a good grind size, mark it down on your grinder as a gauge for your next brew.



  1. Why does my coffee taste sour after a few weeks?

As we have seen from 1. & 2. the grind size changes from cup to cup, day to day, method to method. Technically, the grind size should be finer and finer as the day(s) go by (using the same coffee & method). A grind size that is too coarse for that particular cup or day and method, would result in an underextracted (sour, thin) coffee. This is when you will need to dial it in finer to get a proper extraction and taste.

This is why calibration is needed and why a home grinder(hand grinder/blade/burr), is the best investment if you want that good cup of brew. And really, there isn’t much of a point paying this much for specialty grade coffees if you can’t enjoy it.


  1. How long can I keep or use my coffee for?

A well stored bag of coffee can be good for up to 3 months. We recommend portioning out what you need for 2 weeks, and storing the rest away in a sealed bag, away from heat, moisture and sunlight. And definitely not in the fridge. Our coffee bags are made with foil lining with a one way degassing valve and zipper and are good for long term storage. Ensure that excess air is squeezed out of the bag before sealing.