Sugar & Spice Seasonal Blend 250g
Sugar & Spice Seasonal Blend 250g

Sugar & Spice Seasonal Blend 250g


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Roaster's Commentary:

Our 1st seasonal blend of 2017 is a warm cozy blend of 3 fantastic single origins sourced specifically to celebrate the newest addition to our tiny team. 

Comprising of a Natural Ethiopia Yirgacheffe from the Gelana Abaya region, a Washed Peru from producer Saul Olivera's La Naranja farm, and a Natural Brazil from producer Edson Ramon da Silva and his 3 brothers in the Sitio Lambari land, you can expect this coffee to be so deep, creamy, complex and sweet. 

Taken apart, each of these single origins are wonderful and probably the best crops of coffees we have sourced yet. 

For this first blend of 2017, we wanted to do a taste profile that was like a sweet comforting home baked dessert you’d enjoy after a nice dinner in with family and friends. Something quite like a warm embrace, something that would make you smile, something sugary, with hints of fragrant baking spices, and well... everything nice.  

As with all our other blend creations, our primary aim during our R&D process is versatility. There're just so many flavours in this coffee, whether you have it as a filter brew, an espresso, or a latte. 

We’d highly recommend brewing this after at least 6 days and pulling shots of this after 9 days from the roast date.

Here are just a few of the more prominent notes in this coffee -

Taste Notes:

Ripe Bananas, Creamy, Sweet Caramel Custard, Cinnamon

Roast: Medium

Acidity: Low Medium

Body: Mid High



Brew & Shot Ratios:

Pourover - 14g coffee : 250g water, Recommended Temp: 81-83C

Best from 6 days after roast date.

Ristrettos - 1:1 (input : output) 

Best from 9 days after roast date


Coffee Information


  • Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Gelana Abaya, Natural
  • Peru Cajamara La Naranja, Washed
  • Brazil Sitio Lambari, Natural
Recommended for Filter & Espresso
Available as Whole Beans only.


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