Unroasted - Hawaii Kona Extra Fancy, Washed

Unroasted - Hawaii Kona Extra Fancy, Washed


We brought this in because..well, which roaster wouldn't want to get a chance to roast one of the world's most famous coffees?

If there's a roaster's bucket list, this would definitely be one of our top few picks.

So surely, we had to pick one nothing short of an extra fancy grade for this superb coffee. This Kona is extremely clean, and very balanced from start to finish, which reminds of of a Kenya type coffee, without being too winey. You have your tropical notes of pineapples, with green apples, with undertones of cavendish bananas, and slight hints of caramelised brown sugar. It's a coffee that is very light on the palate and very easy-going. If you're looking for something that takes your breath away, this will not do that. However, this is a coffee that is so pleasant, so 'session-able', that you can have it every day (well, if you can afford it anyway). 

For roasts, we definitely recommend this for filters only to showcase those bright clear and almost transparent tones - so anything from a light to light medium would go really well with this Kona. You can go up to a medium for this coffee if you prefer something a little deeper and creamier and don't mind sacrificing the fruit tones. 

Due to the higher price of this coffee, we are packaging this in smaller quantities of 100g. As with all limited premium coffees, we have a very limited quantity available, so hurry before they are all snapped up!

Region: Hawaii
Varietal: Typica
Process: Washed
Acidity: Medium High
Body: Low
Taste Notes: Pineapples, Green Apples, Cavendish Bananas, Caramelised Brown Sugar
Type: Unroasted Green Coffee Beans.
Recommended Roast Level: City to City+ (Light)
Packaging Type: 100g


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